Hello! We are the spawn of Caroline and Justin: Mia (the girl), Rory (middle child with crazy hair), and Luke (the baby, wearing glasses in the photos). Mum (and me, Mia!) loves your work, so this commission is her Christmas present. I’d love to give her a drawing of me and my two younger brothers, plus cat. We are a trinity of (un)holy terrors, hence the title. Her fourth child is Pirelli, the cat, who was discovered as a kitten in the hubcap of a moving car. Pirelli is obsessed with my hair. He loves to jump on my shoulders and entangle himself in it until he’s literally drooling with happiness. Even if he’s not on my shoulders, he needs to feature somewhere in the pic! We currently live in a house in Kloof, Durban, with an enormous garden. The vegetation there is pretty lush and tropical. Lots of monstera deliciosa, a litchi tree, and thick undergrowth. It’s populated with trumpeter hornbills, loeries, and a visiting Crowned Eagle, who once tried to take off with our dog, Juno, in its talons. He failed, and she lived to tell the tale. Mum loves the garden, so it would be lovely if you incorporated some of the elements described above. I hope that’s enough for you to run with! Thanks very much.

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