It’s a family portrait of the Kühn family (and a gift to my hubby), consisting of hubby, me (wife), our 9 month old baby girl Amelia Jane, two dogs (Viggo the white bullterrier and Ōjo the brown-red/white rescue) and belated first furbaby Knoffel (the happy looking brown-red miniature bullterrier). Hubby Wilhelm: wearing a hat (with slightly wider brim than in the ref). Optional: tshirt with a vinyl on it with “Maribou State” on the circle in the middle of vinyl. (He is obsessed with collecting vinyls). He is holding Amelia Jane in the illus. Amelia Jane, baby: wear a hat with ears. Her top/onesie (you can decide how her outfit looks) can say: “MAMA PAPA BABA” (Those were her first words – optional) She has 6 teeth now (4 at the bottom and two at the top, but doesnt have to show, as long as she is not all gums though!) Her eyes are very blue. Please see ref of her smiling, as long as she looks happy and pretty in illus. She is a very pretty baby 🙂 Me, wife: i can stand to the right,next to hubby/baby. Optional: planet earth on tshirt (i care about it). Hair is shoulder length, loose, dark brown and straight. Bangs go sideways. Dogs: Ōjo and viggo can be either side of us. Ojo is an intense, serious doggy and Viggo is a laid-back goofball. I’d like Knoffel to fly over table mountain in the background, wearing a cape. His tongue must stick out, as though panting/smiling, it was his trademark. Background art: My hubby has a massive collection of vinyls, and also potted orchids, so those could be used to decorate the space around us. Table mountain can also be behind us. (Vinyl labels to consider: depeche mode, flaming lips, the clash, vampire weekend). The this artwork will be hung alongside two Conrad Botes originals. Please consider the colours in his art, so this one will be complimentary (just not clash, but doesnt have to be the same at all). The actual colours in his paintings are (not great photos/refs): very pale light custard yellow, light sage green, bright orange, dusty pink, wine red.

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