Nico and I have been on a wild ride the past 4 years. The truth of the matter is that moving to Cape Town is what solidified and strengthened our relationship and helped us grow to a place we may not have been able to without this amazing adventure. When we stayed at Teniqua Treehouses in Sedgefield October 2016, we made an intentional decision to do the hard work to create our lives together. Now things are better than ever! As we prepare for the next part of our journey and moving back to the US, we would love to capture this part of our journey in a drawing from you as someone we love and admire – so that we can carry a physical reminder forever! I would like to surprise Nico with a drawing that combines us, a piece of Cape Town (Lions Head and/or Table Mountain obligatory background) and the plants and animals that we love so dearly (I’m thinking a mix of trees, South African plants and flowers like succulents, proteas, cacti, etc.). Because he also loves the reptiles and amphibians here, I thought perhaps a sneaky snake or frog in the background would really tickle him. And most importantly, because one of our main inside jokes is that I famously once said I didn’t believe ostriches belong in a place, so perhaps an ostrich peaking its silly head out 🙂 I chose these days because Nico’s birthday is 23 March, so I want to surprise him with this on that date if possible. Then if you want to post it on Instagram on his actual birthday that would be sweet I think. Thank you so much!!!!!

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