Hi Nanna! I fell in love with your style and super excited to order this for my husband’s birthday! I would love an oval frame style family portrait of the fam. We have super active 3 yr old Nina who is all about ice cream, superheroes and princesses and a 10 mo baby girl Toki who is just starting to walk and very happy and smily. Nina has a blond streak on her front bangs. Maybe Nina can be wearing princess tiara&superhero cape and Toki can be naked? My husband is from the potato land of Idaho and LOVES space sci-fi and nature. Anything fun & silly are very welcome I love the fun details of your work <3 We just relocated to LA so if you can throw in a palm tree that would be great. Thank you so much! “24 May email delivery approved by Nanna” I am sorry the upload kept failing so I hope I didn't send million files…. : (

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