9 July delivery approved by Anja (11 July for instagram post) It is my husband, Pieter’s 40th birthday. I would like a portrait of him and our two boys which celebrates his amazing relationship with them and with the outdoors. They love going on adventures together in and around the mountain. You will often find them climbing rocks, finding the best walking sticks and looking for the biggest goggas and the prettiest fynbos. ‘Quarin’ Tina, our lockdown foster fail always accompanies then on these little missions. Please place them in the mountain (or mountain background). Pieter is a hiker and trail runner. He can be dressed the part. They boys love their ‘rots klim skoene’ so if feet are visible boots please. Otherwise shorts & caps are standard. Finebos, treasures from the mountain (rocks, sticks, skeletons) and goggas are welcome (maybe a toktokkie or two). They often go looking for the owls and dassies so there might be some lurking. I have selected colour but would not mind a combination, maybe colour in foreground and b&w background, but I will leave that up to you.

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