Hello Anja 🙂 It’s my boyfriend Jons birthday on the 26 of April and I would so love to gift him a portrait of the two of us and our three pets, two dogs and a cat. For Jon, please draw him wearing his cap backwards as he always does this. His band name is called “the shabs”so if you could Mayb write that on his shirt, I’ve included a picture of him wearing one of his band shirts and the logo, but if that’s too detailed don’t worry about it 🙂 if he could also have his guitar in the picture, Mayb carrying it on his back or however you find it fits in best, it is an acoustic wooden guitar and have included a pic of him with that too. He has quite a few tattoos on his arms of you can please include that, all good if it not the exact same as his real ones.. Notes for me is that I always wear my hair down and have a fringe, I never wear vest or sleeveless clothing either. I also have freckles 🙂 Could I please have my Cat Cradled in my arms like a mother holding a baby as I love him like he was my son! Almost borderline obsessed with him.. Then please include our two dogs in the portrait with us too, Bafana is a little boarder collie lady and Jackson is a huge and crazy black dog, he can Mayb have his tongue out as he is always super excited. Lastly, Jon is obsessed with Star Wars so if in the sky behind us there could be some starwars ships flying around, like the millennium falcon, a tye fighter or a star ship, I have also included some references of those.. Thanks so much! I can’t wait to see what beautiful creation you come up with ❤️ P.s sorry if there is like a super excess of images I’ve sent, wasn’t sure which were best for you to work from 🙂

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