It’s for my sister’s 50th birthday, so this is about her. They have two kids, a very cool 17 year old daughter and an adventurous adult son, currently working on a super yacht in America. They also had a baby boy which they lost one month after birth, which also needs to be peeking out somewhere (maybe wrapped in a blanket and in heaven, or with a crown or something “angelic”.) God plays the most important role in her life and has to be included in some way. They have two cats, a dog and a horse. They live in the Lowveld, Nelspruit, in a nature reserve. They are the owners of Supa Quick in Nelspruit, so a double cab bakkie with huge tyres can work. She is fun loving and can laugh louder than anyone I know. They love to travel (small Eiffel tower), the outdoors, waterfalls, camping, sailing and the sea. She met her husband on a skydive weekend many years ago. You can work anything around this info into a happy, fun loving family portrait, with her central in the portrait please. I think the bush as primary back ground, as that is where they have been for most of their lives. Important in her life are: love and family. Even the “family of four” symbol on her daughter’s arm as a small tattoo. There is way too much info here for one portrait. Please make you pick what to work with.

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