Laura + her two doggos ( Laura loves to do watercolour painting and embroidery and has a beautiful garden full of proteas (sugarbush and leucadendron). Could you please draw her flanked by her dogs, situated in her garden. Maybe a sketchbook/paintbrushes/easel with one of her pieces ( (the nightsky piece might make sense) somewhere, and a needle, thread and embroidery hoop. You can put a peacock in the background if it fits as she lives in Clovelly and they are everywhere. Laura’s hair is currently a bob so I’ve included a photo of that, as well as some pics of her smiling. She is generally in jeans and t-shirt, and if you’re including her feet, she’s usually in red vintage-y sneakers. I’ve also included a pic of her new tattoo on her right arm for reference although I’m sure it’s way too detailed to depict!

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