Hi Nanna, This portrait is a gift and a small summary of working in Dublin 2020. It doesn’t have people in it but rather a few highlights. The setting is 15 Harcourt Street. I initially thought having everything black and white and just have the door in red as the spot colour. But happy to leave that to you. I would like the Nr 15 to appear on the door. The office BOSS who makes his appearance every now and then is Pablo. He lifts morale with a swift greeting but then attends to business on one of the office chairs. Around the corner is the much-loved Green Bench Café (Image of coffee cup), where you can get your drug of choice multiple times a day. And on Fridays you can fight your way to the front of the queue to get your hands on one of the best sausage rolls Dublin has to offer. But be careful, it’s not uncommon for a seagull to attack when you’re most vulnerable, snatching your sausage roll right out of your hand. The seagulls are ruthless. (Maybe a seagull with a sausage roll) There is this squirrel toy in the office, it would be great if there was a squirrel somewhere. I’d love some toilet paper to feature somewhere – just because 2020. Optional ————————————– You can add or leave out any of the following items as you see fit. Some office items include a Viking helmet with space for two whiskeys, a gold Rock&Roll hand, lots of small coffees that are strong enough to give you ‘bors hare’, whiskey, and many plants. (The Viking helmet is probably the most recognizable one – maybe Pablo can wear it). Given that most of the year took place on a zoom call I’ve added some of the cats that have made their appearances. Monch is obsessed with his owner and would sit and stare at her on calls (maybe he has heart eyes or something). Then there is Scout and Thomas who look very alike (Thomas is a rescue and only has one eye). P Diddy references a card in the office. If his face could feature somewhere small that would be cool but not necessary at all. This was bought at Frame which is also around the corner and has its iconic scooter bench in front of the store – I’ve added references to this as well. I’ve added some images of the surroundings just as reference – but nothing specific there needs to feature. This includes the Luas which runs past the office. If you’re lucky you could also spot a fox on the way back to the office. Words that could feature include, What’s the craic? / Sheeem / don’t be a dick / lekker / I hope the brief is not too limiting without people in it – but you have complete creative freedom.

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