First off, apologize if this is too complicated. If so, let me know and i can tone it down: I would like my wife drawn as the Minoan snake goddess Basically that same pose, but: – Not topless like the goddess. My wife has a tattoo of a woman on her back (see attached photos). I would love it if her outfit was the same as the woman in the tattoo – instead of snakes in each hand, could it be a cat in each hand? A black one, and an orange/white one – In the goddess photo she is often depicted as grimacing or yelling. I’ve attached a photo of my wife making a funny face, but if that doesn’t look like it works then i’m fine with more of a serene face instead. whatever looks better! – if you need things to put in the background/foreground: maybe small objects floating as if from her mind? only if it’s not too crowded though – I specified color because of her tattoo, but I’m on the fence with that vs black and white and wanted to hear your thoughts. – I’m not crazy about my title 🙂 Thank you very much, and let me know if you have any questions!

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