Please do your best to recreate (Nanna-fy) the Harrilal siblings. The ref pic titled “siblings” is the basis really…we treasure it as a family because it represents our sibling dynamics so well. Bhav was just the most adorbs i.e. wrist fat! In terms of setting/background, Bhav was obsessed with “The Beach Water” but also had an affinity for stars and the moon. Maybe even a beach scene with a starry, night sky – big orange moon. Please make sure to add in an orange spade and a sneaky bluebottle (ask her why when this damn pandemic ends). Also, try to add “wear sunscreen” as a nod to Baz Luhrmann. If you can wangle the following letters/names in, that’d be great: JK, Sham’s (on some sort of jar/towel maybe), and Papi. Have fun with this, we love your work – thank you for being so amazing!

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