Hi Please can you draw my family as a gift to my Husband? He will be over the Moon ! I am Debbie He is Manie & our son – for which we prayer for 10 year – is Reynardt. (Reynardt asked if you can please note his Blue eyes & handsome gelled back hair rather than the school style HAha) Our Black Spaniel is called Sebastian (14 years) , and the newest addition Eben, he is reynardts’ dog which he named after Eben Etsebeth the Sprinbok Rugby Captain … – Hope you see the resemblance? HAha … )He is a Great Dane & Alsatian Crossing puppy Only born Sept) We LOVE Colour therefor in love with your Art from the moment we first saw it. Turquise Blues Greens etc. All three of us also LOVE gardening especially vetties or Succulents. Maybe if possible the Succulent Pic can serve as inspiration for the Art’s backdrop ? Your @jlouisduplooy @santiede Swakopmund Artwork (the funny story one…) is our absolute Favourite! Baie baie dankie dat ek kon vra -dit sal vir my ‘n voorreg wees as jy so kunswerk van ons as gesin kan maak – On you own time when you feel inspired! Blessings! Debbie (dont know if you need a theme for the Artwork from me but maybe something like : Where there is LOVE there is LIFE

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