Hello. 🙂 I’d like a B&W couple drawing in the round format. I’ve added a few photos to give you some options. The photo of just Steve by himself, shows better how his hair actually is – also I love his smile in that pic. The photo of myself (Erica) is one of the few photos I could find with my eyes mostly open (although my smile looks a tad fake in that photo). I’d like the portrait done without us wearing sunglasses (no sunglasses please). If you are looking for inspiration for a background, we are from Johannesburg, so Jozi skyline would be appropriate. Or if you are looking for something different, we are currently living in Toulouse France, so a background with the Pont Neuf bridge would also be appropriate (just google ‘pont neuf toulouse’ for images). Alternatively, if you want to do something else completely, feel free to use your artistic judgement. 🙂 We will be in SA until the 22nd March, so really hoping we will be able to receive your beautiful work before then. Thanks! x

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