Hello, I would like you to please draw me (Sunelda), my 4year old daughter (Nova), and my husband (Dewan). Nova is a dainty and extremely adorable little girl. She has long hair, most often with a side-swept fringe with a large bow keeping it in place. She loves wearing dresses and she has an old-world charm to her. Nova and I are best friends! She could be holding a freshly picked wild flower. Dewan has messy almost-curly hair and a scruffy beard. He likes to listen to loud music. His hobbies include hunting, so he could have a rifle hanging by a sling over his shoulder. I have dark brown boob-lenght hair with a full fringe. I love nature, vintage inspired dresses and the arts. I’m a dreamer. People often comment on how extraordinarily long my lashes are. I could be holding/hugging Nova. The background could have lots of flowers and a cosmic night sky.

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