This big family portrait is for my father-in-law’s 60th birthday. The sketch is a surprise!! The entire family will be going to Portugal to celebrate his birthday. Lots of Port will be consumed (in Porto)! & tanning in the Algarve Maybe you can add the Portugese flag? Or not, up to you 😉 We are 10 family members (& four dogs) – will you be able to fit all in, seeing as you stated above its a max of 6 faces? We will pay more if needed. So in the pic I please want myself, Reghardt & Fae; Eugene, Nadia, Pierre, Bronzie (their one fur brakkie) & Oddie (their other fur brakkie); Megan & Ryno; Alwyn (dad), Annie (mom), Benji (our oldest fur baby) & Baxter (Second oldest fur baby). Dad can hold both Benji & Baxter if possible, otherwise mom can hold Baxter 😉 Let me know if you’d like a description of each person’s character/personality as well? Or are the pics enough? SUPER excited about this! Eeeeeeek! Cant wait to see the end result! Just love your work!

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