My husband Jon Minster (@jonminster) and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary on the 18th of April. The commission is to celebrate our family. I would love it if you could draw a picture which shows all of us and our house and some other details of our amazing life together. A bit about us: We have two boys, Elliot (6) and Francis (4) and two cats, Richard Parker (named after the tiger in Life of Pi) and Panjo (named after the Tiger who escaped in Bronkhorspruit some years ago). Jon is a photographer, editor and writer and loves vintage bicycles (his 80’s neon Sancini is his favourite). I am a lawyer and love flowers, cooking, reading and sometimes running. We live in Cape Town in a pink Victorian house from about 1892 (see picture). We love the history of where we live and the fact that the house has seen so much! The house is pretty much a member of our family, its name is Roselea. Elliot, our eldest son, loves cars and has a formidable (**ridiculous) collection of hot wheels! Elliot reckons he is the only “modern” one in our family. Francis loves animals, baking and soft toys – we all reckon he is the adorable one. Richie is the elder of the cats, she is usually curled up sleeping somewhere nearby the general hub bub of the house. Panjo is an attention seeker and is always meowing, looking for love or food. We love road tripping around South Africa as a family and exploring. These trips are a big deal for us and we love planning the routes and collecting stickers for our Subaru station wagon of the places we have visited. I have uploaded a few pictures, but if you have a look at either mine or Jon’s Instagram accounts you will see many more or let me know if you need me to send shots of anything. Thank you!

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