My parents are moving into a new home and I want this as a house warming gift. We are a family of 4 with 2 puppers. We are adventurers and travelers and lovers of the Kruger National Park and nature in general. I would love to have us 4, mom, dad, sis and me with our 2 doggos, with our 4×4 Cruiser, Imani in front of the huge Paul Kruger statue in the Kruger National Park. I would also like some small details about each of us. 1) My dad ; a candy crush addict and grape and citrus farmer. 2) my mother ; my mother is a teacher and lover of all things red. 3) Me; I am a freelance writer and hobbiest wildlife photog. I love books and sometimes even loves reading them. Typewriters are my thing. I love my check lumberjack shirts. 4) My sis; she is a student at Potchefstroom. She is a total fashionista and party queen. She loves loves loves Giraffe. Some weird obsession. But then unicorns and flower crowns are also high on her list. We as a family are very tight. Together we enjoy wine. Bottles and bottles of it. Red and white, just nothing sweet! 😂😂 We are also birders so a bird book or two and a pair of binoculars will also be cool. We refer to our self as Vetpret. 1) none of us can be classified as skinny hence the “vet” 2) Pret is the first 4 letters from our Surname 3)together it means a crap load of fun. And that is what we do. Fun. See our Instagram @vetpret. I’d love to send more photos, I’ll send them to your email with subject vetpret

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