Haaaai Anja! Tarryn and Horak are getting married in August! I would love if you could please do a portrait of them along with their x2 dogs (Layla and Bailey)! You know them as well, so I don’t think you’ll have much trouble illustrating them and their characteristics 🙂 Things to note… Louis: Always a ‘thumbs up’, always has a cap on, and always a drink (beer) in his hand. Tarryn: Big full-teeth smile 🙂 Probably eyes slightly closed. NB Please include a braai for Louis, and the x2 dogs for Tarryn. Also, the great Dane (Layla is super tall. About up to Tarryn’s hip). I would say this should be based in their very suburban garden with a vegetable patch, but they’re also getting married in Zanzibar… hmmm… Maybe Tarryn can have a cocktail with a beach umbrella in, or somewhere it should say Zanzibar. I’ll leave that up to you. We leave on 9 August to Zanzibar, so would ideally love to give it before we go….. otherwise once we are back after 25 August. You let me know x

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