David and Kendal are also getting married – and you know them too, well… Have at least met David before… the wedding is on 15 Sep, so no timing stress for this one, just by 10 Sep please. Things to note: David: Please make sure to include a video camera (he films and shoots), so probably a camera too. Kendal: Please make sure to add in a lot of paint brushes and pencils (she is an amazing fine artist). They are roughly the same height, Dave a little taller. He is most likely pulling a strange face, but should be loving towards her (it is of course their wedding). Kendal is forever laughing at David, so please include her laughing. Please put a road sign in the background with sign towards Port Elizabeth (where Kendal is from) and another one towards Welgemoed (Where David is from). Kendal is a bit of a hippy, so add some fairy dust, while David can have skateboards and perhaps a guitar. Ok, I think that’s enough info 🙂

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