Hi! So freakin excited! I finally have a great excuse for a commission… It’s our first wedding anniversary in July. Please draw my husband and me together with our two Scottish Terriers. Trompie is an eight-year-old male and a quite a bit bigger than his 4-month-old sister, Skemer. I won’t kid myself- they all look pretty much the shame. Please just draw her with a shorter beard than his. If possible, please include our house in the background along with a mine shaft… A bit tongue in the cheek as we both come from Brakpan and now live in Benoni. Please draw Alain in his favourite Misfits jersey, smoking his pipe. You can use my outfit in photos as reference. My hair is about 10cm longer now than in the photos. Just a bit of extra info, although including everything is impossible. Alain works in IT, but I think he still wishes he could play bass in a hardcore band full-time… The closest thing I have to a hobby is studying- currently completing my 3rd degree. Luckily he is also a huge nerd. Things that make us super happy: coffee, books and vinyl. *WILL EMAIL PHOTOS OF DOGS – MAX FILE SIZE EXCEEDED

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