Hi there Anja! Jamie Ashton has always raved about you and I thought it was finally time to get a piece of your art! Gareth and I will have been together for 6 whole years on the 19th April! We’ve done the long distance thing and have now been living together for 3 years and I wanted to commemorate all the bits of our relationship and how it’s progressed in a print seeing as we have so few photos together! I had thought to have us in the foreground (of course) I often end up with my head on his shoulder when we’re chilling on the couch – always him on the right with me on his left shoulder. (I don’t know if you can put us on a couch of sorts in the foreground as we used to take wingbacked arm chairs out onto the hills of his family farm and braai on them, if not then just us waist up as you normally do) Maybe we’re on a couch/armchair of sorts and the elements all radiate outwards Game of Thrones sword throne style?! I trust your judgement more than my wild ideas though haha. And then to have all the elements sprouting out around behind us as you do of the various steps of our relationship. Furthest in the background would be paintball bunkers with some splatter on them as we met playing competitive speedball (see reference pics of the bunker shapes). Then to have some sheep and cows dotting the hills as well to represent his family farm. ‘Soon, soon’ was our motto when we were long distance so if that could be somewhere in the background too He is a photographer, a gamer (mainly shooting games on PC) and rides down hill mountain bikes if there’s someway to represent those in the background. I am in the film industry in production and am always typing at lighting speed on my Macbook keyboard (he always makes jokes that I type clickity clack like the Trevor Noah ‘airport lady’ joke). If laptop is too weird to incorporate then just the typical clapperboard somewhere in the background would be great. I also love succulents and owls. We both love Harry Potter! If possible – we both realised we believe in the red string of fate tied to your pinky – if that could be the only bit of colour in the print tied to each of our pinkies and then the read organically wound behind all the background pieces between us? Otherwise fine to leave out 🙂 Gareth should have a cup of coffee in hand (with his ‘G’ company logo on please, ref attached) and a cigarette hanging from one side of his mouth (he does rolly’s even though I hate smoking). Attached pic of him with his big beard that he had to cut but misses – will be great to ‘immortalise’ him with it (but short hair please, he hates his ‘jew-fro’ :P) – please put him in a baseball style tee with the three quarter sleeves with nondescript logo (Vans/RVCA or similar) – he looks hottest in that 😉 If we’re smiling he always smiled closed mouth, I always end up showing teeth. I love florals/big stripes and embroidery so to have me in a tshirt something that would be great. I’d also love me to be wearing a small envelope charm on a necklace (Gareth gave to me) I always wear my hair down and try to make it slightly wavy/textured (refs attached). Currently the straight fringe across the front, with middle part lob cut to my collarbones style Hope I have included everything necessary!

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