Hi, this is a present for my partner for our 10th anniversary. I’ve left it a bit late as the anniversary is March 12, but that’s fine. I would like a family portrait of us and our three children. We are mid-fourties, and his daughter Iris is 13, our son Sebastian is 7, and our daughter Nyssa is 4. He is a farmer (and I’m a strategy consultant) and we live on a farm, with two horses, two dogs (boerbul and beagle), a cat (bengal), and other non-pet animals (chickens and sheep). Here’s a bit about us (sorry if too much info, just ignore and do what’s possible): Chris: 5’9″, medium build, short hair bald on top, Mielie farmer, talented painter / poet, loves hats. Maybe wearing jeans (though probably won’t see?) floral button down shirt and cowboy hat, maybe with mielies behind him and holding a paintbrush, or a book (if the latter, then maybe Bill Bryson The Body) Danielle (me): 5’8″, medium build (with huge hands :)), long hair with grey streaks in front, singer, yogi, mom. Iris (13 years): Horse-mad. Skinny. Funny. Maybe t-shirt with horse on it, and hard hat? Sebastian (7 years): Book crazy (Diary of a wimpy kid in hand maybe?), serious. Maybe jeans and a t-shirt with batman on it. Nyssa (4 years): Nickname: Cuddlepunk. Crazy. Crazy Cindy Lauper hair. Maybe doing something gymnastic, wearing shorts and a t-shirt (will try to find a pic, it says “my pappa se trekker is groter as jou pappa s’n) I’ve have chosen a few pictures of each of us, with relative sizes, etc. as well as of the pets (and two with t-shirts for Nyssa and Sebastian). Unfortunately the only recent ones with all of us together have us seated, have kids and dogs being kid-and-doggishly non-compliant, and also have my mother in them, but at least you can see us relative to one another I have corresponded with Tabitha and she said I should just upload one pic here, and then complete the order and send images to her directly thereafter. Let me know if there’s anything more in particular that would help.

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