Hi Nanna, I love your work! I would like to commission a big colour dealio for my boyfriend’s birthday on 17 October – delivery any time before then is fine for me. My idea is a pic of Nic and his dog, Banjoe – as per Michelangelo’s “Creation of Man”. You will see in my references, but basically, Nic is God (in the clouds) touching fingers with Banjoe (on earth/greenery BG). Things I think would be rad: We love the mountain and fynbos and silverleaf trees/proteas/restios and the nature of the cape – so would be kiff to see that represented on the green/earthy BG where Banjoe is. Then for the God-in-the-clouds part, feel like it would be nice to include some imagery/symbols that I associate with him. Things that are very “Nic” include: MUSIC – He plays the ukelele, banjolele (it’s a tiny banjo) and white electric keyboard – he loves punk rock. SKATEBOARDS – nuff said. NATURE & THE MOUNTAIN – particularly fynbos and table mountain. HIS KIDS – Nic has two little boys. I don’t wanna complicate the image by adding their faces, but I would DIG to somehow have them represented somehow. I was thinking Nic (and his boys) LOVE Lego – maybe two little lego figures with blonde hair – each with their initial on their torso. What do you think? Maybe the 2 little lego dudes could be on a skateboard (spitballing). Alternatively thought they could be represented by little creatures (like a dassie/tortoise… or something) with their names or initial. (Their names are Jordan and Micah) – I can send pics of them if it would be helpful to you! NIC’S BUM – that dude’s bum is hilarious. DISNEY – Nic and I both worth for Disney – maybe something like the mouse ears represented would be cool. (He’s an art director/animator and I am a writer) You can check out Nic’s art on his instagram at (handle = @nic_smal) One tricky thing with Nic is his facial hair – cos it’s always changing. He has a real heavy beard in the “creation” reference image I attached – but usually his beard is a lighter/shorter and his moustache is a bit more obvious. I have sent some other refs of his face so you get his vibe, but let me know if you need anything more. I am so happy for you to figure out a rad way to go about this. Let me know what you think! I am so excited! Thanks! Lucy

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