Please will you draw a portrait of our beloved black cat. Her name is Luna. I would like her to be on the moon with stars and planets in the background behind her. In the background I would also like there to be a rocket flying past with our faces (my husband and I) in the porthole windows. Its ok if our faces are small and not too detailed. Is this too corney? If it is happy to consider your recommendations 🙂 I especially love it when she is in hunt mode at night and her pupils are gigantic. She looks so cute this way! She’s got a flea collar on at the moment. But please either draw her with a pretty collar or none. (Flea collar not v chic). Happy with either. This is a present for our 1st wedding anniversary. (So paper apparently?) Since my husband clearly loves Luna more than me, I thought this would be the perfect gift for him. Stand by for a million pictures of my cat.

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