Hi Nanna! I saw the superb commission you did for Sam B, which inspired me to buy my very first artwork (Active Aggressive, hangs above my bed, naturally) My cousin Kamil and lovely Lucy will be getting married in January 2019 and we are heading to New Zealand for the festivities.I know..i just noticed that the earliest delivery date is Feb:( I wish I thought of this sooner, but I thought I should try ask you anyway whether there is any tiny possible likelihood of my getting it before I leave for NZ (28Jan)? I think it would make such a brilliant, quirky and novel wedding gift for a young cooky incredibly fun couple with the cutest dog-child (Parker) They are both passionate, caring Kiwi doctors who have traveled to over 100 countries together. Kamil proposed to Luce by putting a donut-shaped pool inflatable over her head. They’re pretty cute. And out of the ordinary. Kamil is gangly and tall and Luce is half his size. Topic of multiple jokes. They’re having a bonanza Hindu-Christian 4 day wedding raucous jol and a super cool poster of them and Parker on a travel adventure /at wedding would be the perfect commemoration. I would be exponentially grateful and stupidly overjoyed if you said yes to an earlier delivery:)Please:) Also, don’t mind making it black and white if it would be easier. xx

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