Hi there Nanna:) Firstly, you did a commission of my now husband and I which the best man, Jared Du Preez, gave to us as a wedding gift. It is now hanging on the wall in our home and is coolest piece of art we have, so thank you so much! It’s my dad’s 50th birthday on the 28th of October 2019. He is the hardest person to buy gifts for – he has everything. So I thought getting him a commission would be perfect! My dad is a typical man – loves drinking (whiskey is his favourite), braaing with mates, loves the bush, entertaining friends and is always one for a good old jol. I wanted something of the 4 of us (my mom, dad, my husband and myself) with a bush themed background. My dad was lucky enough to recently build his dream house in the Kruger and spends a lot of his pre-retirement time driving around looking for animals. He passed his game rangers programme and is now a proud know it all of every single animal, plant, tree, insect etc in the Kruger – and he likes to make sure everyone knows just how knowledgable he is. His nickname is “Ranger Koen Kimble” an inside family joke. It would be great if you could include that – perhaps on a name tag on his shirt or something? His favourite animals are Rhino (he actually named the house Black Rhino – you can see in one of the pics attached he is wearing a game ranger shirt with a rhino embroidered on it), elephants and leopards. He loves to stop at the dam ” aka-watering hole” for sundowners and is very rarely seen without a whiskey glass in his hand. Please can you frame it for us:) I can’t wait to see what you put together. If you need anything else, please just give me a shout – 073 483 3102 Kristen Kimble

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