Hi Nanna! It’s me again! I would love to gift my Father with one of your pieces for Father’s day on the 15th of June. Would it arrive in time or we can arrange the print to be e-mailed to me again before it arrives in the post? If possible. My dad loved your piece that you made for my mother on Mother’s day. Sooo oulik. He immediately hanged it in their living room and I would love to have his piece next to my mother’s 🙂 So I am attaching a few pictures of myself and my dad and other people in it. But I would only like myself and my father in the picture that you will draw. Is that possible? I want to do the same with background as I did with my mother’s piece. The photos that I sent was taken in the Drakensberge – which is a very special place for him. If you could capture the lavish green background that would be great. He also published a book recently which he is extremely proud of-if you could maybe draw that book in his hand that would be cool. Or in my hand holding it maybe. You could also draw us from the waistline up if you like. He also has a big love for helicopters-if one can appear in the background. Let me know what you think. X

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