My (not-so) little sister is turning 21 on the 26 of April and I wanted to give her something that celebrates her! I want to celebrate Shan as she is such a kind loyal, humble, funny person who doesn’t always see just how incredible she is. I feel so honoured as her big sister to have seen her grown into such a stellar young woman and wanted to commission this portrait of her so she could look at it every day and see herself through our eyes as the little superhero she is! I’d like it to be a ’single’ portrait so that she is front and centre as the *star* with the other elements in the background please. Her go to pose is with thumbs up if not too cheesy (ref attached). If we as a family (mom, dad, myself and my partner, Gareth) could be somewhere small off to the side behind her. And if the family cats could be included – Maggie (tortoise shell), Rascal (grey and white) and Goji (very fluffy and with a short stubby fluffball of a tail) somewhere too. Other general background elements: She is an avid hockey player in her spare time she’s even played for the WP women’s team. She also enjoys watching other sport (rubgy/F1/cricket) too. Sunflowers are her favourite flower. She also loves hiking in the mountains and nature in general and watching the sunset. She is studying chemical engineering currently at Stellies(maybe include some beakers or something?). She loves oreos and cheesecake and coffee. She loves listening to music.

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