Hi Nanna! I’d love to commission a pic of Jo and me for my (our?) beloved Jo’s birthday. I think this pic from our wedding would be cool. In the background, it’d be really great if you could of course include our beautiful cat Moishie (pics attached). The following are all optional but would be great if you could incorporate them: Maybe also some books as we know Jo is a bookworm. And pen and writing pad, as she’s always writing. A scene of the Sea Point promenade (perhaps the whole background could be there with the sea visible, but I’ll leave that to you) could also be nice, as it is one of our happy places. A small owl and monkey in the back would also be awesome (it’s an in-house thing). Please also could you incorporate some succulents like a spekboom and other standard fynbos I don’t know the names of and also proteas in the design, as those are Jo’s favourite plants and flowers. Oh wait she also just bought an electric drill and is super excited about it, please add one in (green, besides that a generic one will do unless you really want a pic of ours)! Thanks a mil!

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