We’ve recently been through a lot of loss as a family. We have had to give up our plot which we loved dearly, my son had to say goodbye to his beloved bunny, Oliver, and my daughter is still grieving our twin malamutes, Mika and Maya. We are hoping to create a happy portrait to commemorate our time on the farm and our furry friends which we miss dearly. Our daughter loves horses, our son loves bunnies, my hubby loves that hat and I love autumn leaves. We love nature and would not mind lots of trees (typical of a farm) or a forest in the background to portray that. It would be lovely if we could somehow incorporate my daughter’s horse Mistletoe (perhaps peeking over her shoulder or standing next to her), and my son’s bunny Oliver, (perhaps being held or sitting alongside him). With our two dogs Mika and Maya somewhere by our sides. Your work is fantastic by the way.

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