Hello Nanna! This piece is for a very dear shared friend of ours – Tash Montlake. I have very specific details that I need added into the image so please bear with me! Right so: I need myself and Tash in convertible car driving down a highway (think Bonnie and Clyde getaway car type of imagery). In the backseat needs to be Taylor Swift, who needs to be sitting next to, or holding, money bags. If Taylor could be shouting “Go Go Go!” in a way that indicates someone is coming after us that’d be excellent. Car details: a snake as the badge/hood ornament thing, number plate to read: Long Live. A road sign reading ‘Welcome to New York: The State of Grace ‘. In the background, a building with the sign ”Fearless Motel & Bar”. I’d also like a couple of Polaroids and melted down candles to be on the road. My brain cannot work out a way to incorporate the number 13 right now but please sneak it in somewhere! Maybe on someone’s clothing? Sorry for all the weird detail and thank you! P.S the idea is inspired by the song ‘Getaway Car’ if you would like to listen to it for some inspo! x I didn’t add pictures of Tash because I’m very sure you know what she looks like but please let me know if you need!

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