I’d really love you to draw my fiancé and her two bridesmaids. Some background… Tash (fiancé), Amie (her bff), and Sam (my cousin and the thrid party to this trio) have been friends for years. Tash and Amie go way back to school days, and Sam and Tash have been the best of friend’s since we started dating back in 2010. They all get along like a house on fire. When these three are together, you know it’s going to be a wild, wild time! Sam lives in England so these reunions are very few and far between, but at the end of 2016 we shared an amazing holiday in Portugal together. (That’s where the majority of the reference photo’s are). So based on that holiday, I thought it would be cool for them to each have a small memorabilia on the day of Tash and my wedding of that holiday. If we can have them being portrayed having the best time, drinking (sharing a carafe of wine or jug of sangria), laughing, smiling, and just being up to something (mischievous or not). I would also really love the Porto River’s landscape in the background, like the images I emailed and uploaded now with the boat and bridge, it would be PERFECT. I hope this with the reference photo’s give you some perspective to work from. Oh, you can also gauge what their wardrobe looks like from the images I hope, and if they could have a bold lipstick on, that would be epic (it was their ‘thing’ in Portugal). Please remember that I need this on the 31st of May so that I can give them this gift on the morning of our wedding (2nd June). It’s a surprise gift for them. Would we be able to share on to socials from the 2nd June then too? Thanks so much!

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