Hi Anja Hope you all good I would like the below if possible ,this is going to be a A4 tattoo in black so no colour on the back of my thigh so could the drawing be the square drawing shape and not the oval shape drawing so the full A4.So the same feel as you are doing for Emma It will be a pic of my daughter Ruby Ive asked her favourites things she loves and likes Toys • Her soft bunny She loves loves her bunny Ive attached a pic and u already drawing one for Emma but she has like 4 of them so she’s loooves them • She love dinosaurs her favourite is a T –rex so it be cool to have that in the background i think this will be the main feature in the back round • Barbie’s • Lego Activities • She also loves being outside in the garden so I think a pic with her outside is like the setting • We has a family love listing to music and watching music videos so you can have TV outside as well it’s all good • She loves reading books • She also loves watching TV • Swimming • Riding a bike she always on her bike Food • Hot chocolate • Milk shakes • Pizza • Apples • She loves apple juice so maybe close to her she could have this by her So the vision I kind of see is Ruby in the middle at the bottom of the drawing because the bottom half will only stick out when wearing shorts etc. She’s in a garden or outside and these things above are around her so I don’t mind you just add in all the above random stuff from the list I think the thing that’s she always had with her from small was her bunny so if that could be by her My nick name for her is Rubes so be nice to have the same you did with Emma and have it in ribbon under her Be nice if there one or two hearts as to show my love for her So I will have to photo copy the drawing so the artist can work with it same as Emma`s one

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