Hello, I designed your Book Dash book ‘How to Tame a Monster’. 🙂 Please draw a portrait of my family. My husband and I are both graphic designers and met at varsity. My husband is quite a bit taller than I am – I include some pics where we are standing next to each other. He wears his hair shorter now, not long like in my graduation photo. He almost always wears a graphic T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. He collects figurines and vintage games, some of his TM Turtles are included with the reference pics. He is also an amateur photographer. I wear glasses and like vintage clothing with lace details (such as the shirt with decorative collar in the reference, paired with jeans) and usually wear pearl earrings. I wear my hair in a long bob. I am very much a book and plant person, especially indigenous plants. If you want to include books, they can be generic, not well-known titles. Please don’t include a graduation cap like in the one image, it is just one of very few pics I have of myself (the result of being mom, the family photographer). We have two sons, Ben (7) and Alex (3). Alex, our youngest son, is obsessed with cars, the moon and mechanical stuff. He takes everything apart to see how it works. Ben, the eldest, likes reptiles, sweets, ice cream, Lego and playing Playstation (quite the combo, I know). It might be nice to have Alex sitting on my husband’s shoulders, or with my husband holding him (some reference included), if you think that could work. Our kids refuse to wear shoes and are always bare feet. We live in Cape Town and like visiting farms and parks with the kids. If you need filler details, I would go with foliage/nature vibes.

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