//DEADLINE 25 APRIL  – APPROVED BY NANNA// Hello Nanna! Thank you for accepting a tight deadline for me! My brother is getting married to a German, in Germany. I am ridiculously excited to give him a Nanna Portrait 🙂 Philip is tall, short hair, huge wrinkley smile. Vanessa is tiny, blonde, big blue eyes. They live in London, and travel a lot. They got engaged in Iceland, and I would love to have the scene depicted. On a beach with back sand and the Northern Lights above them. I like your images of the couples facing toward the background looking back. I love your fantastical illustrations, and you’re welcome to add any wild touch that you deem fit. Maybe a mountain behind them with a long windy road.. And the moon and planets! Or whatever you think haha. Thank you again Nanna. You’re amazing.

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