It is my husband Pieter’s 40th birthday and I would like to gift him a portrait that celebrates his spectacular relationship and the adventures he goes on with our twin boys, Max and Xander. They love to explore the mountain and can often be found searching for treasures, rock climbing, looking for the perfect stap stok, jumping in muddy muddles or just meandering around. You can draw them in or around mountains. It would be great if you could include recognizable fynbos, and add scientific or popular names (welcome to contact me if you need reference material), some mountain goggas like toktokkies or similar and our dog a Tina. Pieter is a trail runner and hiker so you can draw him in hiking or running gear. Xander goes by Xaxa and loves green or blue. He is our karnallie and a real sweetheart and very curious. Max loves red and is our kalant. He is very mischievous and adores climbing things.

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