Hi Nanna, I am SO excited to finally be getting a family portrait from you! I’d love to have a drawing of my husband, daughter and I with our fur kids. We really love the outdoors so I thought something like Newlands forest or whatever wild nature imaginings you come up with would be amazing with us and our animals as the main focus. We have two dogs, Seven (big wire mix) and Iggy (spaniel) and Luna (grey older lady) and Mazzy (dark tortie girl). Our family and time together is so incredibly important to us so I’m not going to ask you to add any other details of things we love etc. – I think the 6 of us is more than enough to focus on haha. We had a little hedgehog called Shoop who died of old age during lockdown and never met our daughter but if you’re inclined you could maybe have her in the corner popping out from behind a leaf or flower. Our daughter is a little ray of sunshine so if love for her to be really smiley like her photos – she’s just the best little thing. She is kind and gentle and always makes everything better and brighter. My husband is the purest, gentlest, funniest man who loves us ferociously. Sev and Iggy are smiley goofy little weirdos who are always with us – Edie our daughter adores them and they absolutely adore her. Seven is always full of smiles and keeping and eye on us. Iggy is a complete goof ball and stage 5 clinger who doesn’t understand that calling his name is not always an invitation for a make out session 🤣 Mazzy is an adventurer who face butts you for love but only on her terms and Luna is the cuddliest most supportive and loving cat I’ve ever known. I’ve attached photos of all of us that I hope will be good references. If you need any more or they aren’t good enough please let me know. I’m so excited to see what you come up with – so please go wild! P.s. We aren’t posting photos of our daughter on social media so I’d ask you not to post it if that’s okay? Thanks!

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