Hi Nana, This is a gift for my husband Vana for his birthday on the 29th of July. He is a Leo. We love traveling and both have ants in our pants and dabble with creative endeavors. He is a musician slash teacher and turns out natural artist 👨🏻‍🎨 He discovered his hidden talent during lockdown with zero previous experience in painting he whipped out magical painting after painting, and for a newby he sold more pieces than a Kirby salesman in the 90’s. @vanashingpoint We recently had a bébé (Ada Monet). We consider ourselves privileged AF to have this opportunity to be parents after having a massive jol through out our 20’s and 30’s. We have traveled extensively and just returned to Cape Town for the ‘summer break’ after our 4 year stint in Kuwait (working as teachers in the middle east.. hare op ons tande). He teaches homeroom Elementary and I teach highschool Design Technology. Things we love, plants, music , art, traveling, writing, photography,david bowie, cooking (i once made 100 pots of different soups you can add this in the pic if you feel I used a le creuset pot my friend marike gave me for my 30th) Vana and I love the karoo.. we have an apartment in gardens that overlooks table mountain and lions-head and spend a lot of time in the company gardens! The portrait- Van has a lekker bushy curly hairdo and a great jawline with a twinkle of serious in his eye He love wearing shirts with cool patterns on them even cowboy style shirts will be cool. He is into his folk vibes. His band is called @theohsoserious please add his gretch guitar and a painting or paintbrush somewhere? Please could you add our doggo Shelby as a little angel or guardian somehow ?- @ashelbykindalife she passed away and crossed the rainbow bridge. She was a welsh terrier and we miss her everyday. Please also add our black cat 🐈‍⬛ Memphis that passed away a few years ago also add some angel wings or a halo? Ada our baby girlie is only 4 weeks old she has little stares and cute little eyes please add her in Vana’s arms?- she is already daddy’s gal! I hope my reference pics give you some ideas Im sure you will work your magic. Cant wait to see what you come up with. yay!

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