We are looking for a family portrait including Henco (a.k.a. Daddy), myself (a.k.a. Mommy), our cat, Lyra, and the most important member, our son, Rafe. We want the picture to be a celebration of him and all of his favourite things. Rafe is never happier than when he is outside playing with water (in the pool, in a puddle, in the rain, watering the garden with his mini watering can or the garden hose) or, if its a chilly day, in the bath tub so a water element is a must. He also loves nature, filling the bird feeder and watching the birds in our garden, music and dancing, books, airplanes and helicopters, olives and bedtime buddy Brown Bear. Rafe means counsel of the wolf so it’d be cool if he could have a picture of a wolf on his shirt.

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