Hi Anja! My boyfriend Chris and I stumbled across your work and we looove it! While we’d love you to draw a picture of us for our own house, we thought our first commission could be a very special wedding gift for our two lovely friends, Tara and Ben. We don’t really have an idea of what the picture should look like- We thought maybe we we could describe our friends and you could create something that represents them? Here goes: Tara comes from a small village in the mountains of Ireland and Ben comes from an equally small village in the mountains of Switzerland. They now live in Galway, which, if you haven’t already been, is a small and colourful city with a big artist community – I’ll attach pics of some Galway scenes. Tara and Ben both love metal music and all the vibes and accoutrements that go with it (dark colours like purple, skulls, tattoos, leather jackets, sunglasses (see pic of Ben in his favourites) and, in Tara’s case, rockabilly type clothing). They both love drinking whisky and eating fondue/ raclette (melty Swiss cheese). They got engaged in America last year, in front of the eclipse, so an eclipse will always be symbolic for them… Actually, Tara’s engagement ring contains bits of space dust, so I guess the moon and space in general are something quite special for them. On a side note and vaguely related to space 👽- we really love the pics you draw where the people have different coloured skin, please could you draw Tara and Ben like this😆 Some of our favourite pics of yours so far are “Omg Yes”, “Ding Dong”, “Jetson Belle” and “Papa Bless”. They’re getting married in Portugal in September this year, and despite both of them having very large traditional families, (lots of pressure), they’re determined to do things differently and to be true to themselves. We think one of your drawings will be the perfect personal gift to send them off into a lifetime of “being them” and to wish them all the happiness that they deserve! P.S We have no idea what a good or bad brief is- we hope this isn’t too vague, too detailed or too conflicting… If there’s anything else you need or any way to say it better, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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