Hi Anja Nanna, I would love to commission a couples portrait of my boyfriend Luke and I, and include our two cats. We don’t have many photos together and I think this would be much more special for both of us. It would be great if you could include a cherry blossom background as we both dream of travelling to Japan one day. Luke loves wearing his black cap with an upside down umbrella ☔️ on it. If he could be holding our big black and white cat, Jenga that would be rad. He also wears a denim jacket often and perhaps you could include a nod to his love for cycling on a badge or a patch on his jacket. We are both plant lovers. Traditionally I also give him a paper origami crane every anniversary, maybe it could be flying through the sky! If that’s too wild then I’m happy to go with however you interpret it. It would be nice to include a shooting star as we saw many on our camping trips. I make earrings out of scrabble tiles and would like to be holding the little kitty, Frida, not sure if that’s helpful but I’m pretty keen for you to dress me however you feel. I’m a huge fan of your leather jacket looks. The title is ‘Kitty Hangout’ as whenever the four of us are together he calls it that. Yours sincerely & in lockdown, Dani. X

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