It’s my dear Marcello’s birthday on the 6th of July and as a gift I would love you to draw our family portrait. Marci and I met at a drum and bass party in 2016. He’s a DJ and always wears his cap backwards with his long hair falling over his shoulders or his fishing hat. People joke and say he looks just like Kevin Smith. He is very much like Silent Bob. We have two adorable baby cats: Raggy and Mo and we had to say goodbye to our first fur child, Ninja in November last year. We recently bought a house together in Muizenberg and joke around that we moved from “Upper Woodstock” to “Upper Grassy Park”. Raggy is my baby-keht and Mo has become Marci’s shadow. We both love our garden and spend a lot of time in it growing all sorts of things. We also spend an odd amount of time in our pool too. (First time pool owner things I guess) We’d love to have the four of us in the picture and possibly Ninja looking down at us from the sky or whichever way you’d like to incorporate him into the family portrait- the sky might be cheesy! I would love to give you free reign to add whatever else you feel in the background, detail and the rest. Marci loves gaming, comics, drum and bass, metal, the internet in all its wonderful glory and fishing and I love the beach, scuba diving and our garden of course. But most of all we love our little family we are building and our fur children are our everything. This commission is something special we’d like to put in our home we’re creating together- so go wild x

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