Hi!!! Below you will find a link to a shared Google Photos album with a small selection of my favourite pictures of Benson. I think I would like to summarise the following key words to tell you why I chose these pictures. Benson on the big B Scruffy hair “Smile” Happy eyes Bowtie Tongue sticking out (but not toooo much) Amsterdam (wonky buildings / canals / whatever) All of those are really just points to say about what I like about the pictures – not to guide you on what to draw 🙂 I’d like the work to be of him, not of him and me 🙂 …and finally, there’s no real urgency on this as I will be in Cape Town from 26 November – 10 December. But if you would like to and can do it sooner and shipping is easy and not too expensive, then that’s cool too. Otherwise I can happily pick it up when I’m there (I think you still live there, right?) Let me know if that’s too much, not enough, or anything else!

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