My mom’s birthday is coming up and I’d love to give her a portrait of our family (my mom, my dad, my brother and myself), plus her most beloved companions, her two dogs! My mom is a complete badass – she took up running three or four years ago when she was fifty something and now routinely runs further and faster than me (a twenty-something year old). She has climbed Kilimanjaro twice, once with my brother and once with my dad and I, so it might be nice to have Kili in the background. Other than that, basically I love your work and I’m excited to give my mom a gift worthy of the superhero that she is! Disclaimer: we are not great at taking photos as a family, so I’ve put together a collection of admittedly flawed photos, a lot of which do not meet the guidelines that you provide (sorry!). I’m hoping that the sheer number of photos will at least give you a good idea of faces, heights, etc. Also, there are some random people present in some of the photos – the four people in the graduation photo are the ones I want to include in the illustration. Thanks!

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