I would like a couple portrait for a friend’s birthday – one with her, her fiancé and their fur babies (4). Portrait: Dani Lex Doggo1: Oslo Doggo2: Unnamed one (still on the way from it’s foster home – I have included pictures) Cat 1: Leila (dark and light brown with white, very furry) Cat 2: Kylo (black, shorter haired) They are fun, pop culture, animal lovers. A little non-traditional – Dani asked Lex to marry her. He ended up also proposing outside Buckingham Palace (And it’s on Ethereum blockchain 0xEebcbEa7Ff30eCCaa39D72f60111AFaFC93AfD8b). I think their instagram accounts should also be a good indication of who they are. But with all the fur babies I think it will be filled already! Dani already has a set of your Harry Potter prints which she absolutely adores – so in similar style to that would be amazing!

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