A family portrait as a birthday gift for my husband. We have such a big furball family, it’s impossible to take a photo! He loves off-road motorbikes, braaiing, watching sport. I love reading, gardens, and watching cooking shows. We both love the outdoors, animals and cooking. The Transkei is one of our favourite places to be, and has played a big part in our relationship. I’d love if it could be included in the drawing, maybe a cow on the beach in the background? We have 4 dogs and 1 cat. Mary is our oldest. She’s a white sheepdog. She loves fetching anything and is obsessed with the cat. She could have a ball /stick in her mouth. Milo is our semi Jack Russell. He’s extremely friendly, loves sleeping in the bed. Simba is our ridgeback. He’s a big, goofy, awkward dog. Nala is the baby, she’s a toy pom. She’s bouncy and always looks happy. She has the most horrible little sharp bark. Misty, our cat, is a bit chubby, loves eating, lying in windowsills and playing with Nala.

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