**As discussed, need this one before 21 February if possible* I’d love a family portrait to give as a gift to my husband. Our family members are Justin and I, 2 kids – Robbie 9 and Jana 6. And our 2 dogs, Lila (Labrador) and Zelda (Boston Terrier) You can put Lila close/next to Jana and Zelda close/next to Robbie. Justin absolutely loves braaing, so you can put a braai thong in his hand and a wood fire somewhere in the background. His favourite bands are Red Hot Chili Peppers and Imagine Dragons. Maybe include one on a t-shirt he is wearing. Or anything else to symbolize these. Robbie loves Youtube and wants to be a Youtuber one day (heaven help us!) – he has this name for his future Youtube channel called – GoldenGreys – maybe include that on a t-shirt he is wearing. Robbie’s favourite toys are action figure men, especially The Flash, Spiderman and Hulk. On Jana’s head you can draw a small crown, and if you can include an ice cream in her hand. Her favourite thing to do is drawing and colouring in. Justin absolutely loves Thailand, so please include a beach in the background, and/or tropical plants (big leaves, furns, palm trees, coconuts – anything tropical). Justin also likes hanging plants. Apart from braaing, Justin also likes cooking food, enjoy fresh spices, chillies, hot sauces. Robbie and Justin loves spending time together riding their electric scooters, if you can maybe include a dark blue scooter, and a black scooter somewhere (I’ll include a photo of one)

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