Hi Anja! How exciting! I’ve always wanted one of these, so now is the time :). Okay so in this pic, it’ll be my partner Hein and myself. We’ve been together for almost 10 years 😀 He is the best, he loves music, the beach and a beer from time to time. We both enjoy music festivals and diving. So in 2019 we moved the the Philippines for a job opportunity and we are still here. In this picture I would like to capture our time here, so if you can incorporate a beach/ island scene as per the reference pics, it will be appreciated, we would also like to have a traditional Filipino boat on the water somewhere. It can even be a sunset scene over the ocean, perhaps with psychedelic rays (like the psychedelic reference I added). In the forefront you can incorporate lots of tropical leaves like delicious monsters or elephant ears. We are both avid divers so perhaps some sea creatures would be cool, turtles, nudibranches (psychedelic sea slugs), blue trigger fish, blue spotted rays. Hein is always sporting a floral-ish shirt with his chest hair peaking out like ref pic 4& 5, please use that, but please don’t draw a cap, he wants his locks free flowing 😉 .I like wearing signature earrings and a cat eye, like reference pic 3, so you can incorporate something like that into the pic, I’ll appreciate it. I’m not too fussy about my outfit. I know this is a lot to work with, so please use your creative license. Also if we need to go bigger, let me know. Seeing as we are abroad, it will be sent to our folks in SA, so we’re not in a rush. You also have our IG handles if you want to check there for anything 🙂

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