I absolutely love your work and can’t miss out on this last opportunity 🙂 I’d love to surprise my fiancé with a family portrait as a gift for our wedding day. The portrait would be the two of us and our fur child Pepsi. Phil and I are both from Germany and met in Cape Town in 2009. We would never have met in our respective home towns as I’m from Berlin and he is from a small town in the Black Forest. So perhaps incorporating Lions Head or Table mountain in the background could work? I’d love to bring in some memories of the time when we met and our current life with our dog Peps. When we met we used to hang out at the Shack (the bar) a lot, and with a lot I mean Monday – Sunday 😀 We would play foosball or pool for hours and hours. We had this thing where we would go there in our silly animal slippers (pink cat and grey dog slippers). Overall items that could be included: – Table Mountain /Cape Town in the back or – The Shack in the back – Braai twist bread (I know it’s a super weird item to include but I think Phil would have a good giggle if he find himself holding a stick-twist bread over a fire in the portrait) – Silly dog and cat slippers (I could only find a low-res image for reference, but happy for you to go wild here) – Our dog Pepsi – Roller skates (not a must-have, so no big deal if it can’t be included) Nowadays you can find us mostly outside with Pepsi, rollerskating, hiking in the mountains or walking her at the beach. Phil is usually dressed in a hoodie/t-shirt and a flat-cap and I love denim jackets. Maybe you could incorporate the Pepsi Logo on Phil’s t-shirt/top to bring in the name of our dog 🙂 Phil is an avid roller skater, so it would be amazing to bring in roller skates (quad skates) or skate wheels if possible.

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