Hi Nanna, I would like a family portrait of me, my husband and our 2 sons. We love traveling South Africa and have done a few extensive road trips in the last few years. My philosophy – die natuur laat jou siel asemhaal. I love finding unique beautiful remote places to stay that gives you that feeling of letting your soul breath. We have also been going to places that has mountain biking opportunities as my husband and oldest son enjoys mountain biking. The most recent long road trip was a 4 week trip from Pretoria – Philippolis – Rooi-els – Tankwa karoo – Ballots Bay – Higher Karoo – Philippolis – Pretoria. On this trip we actually stopped in Stellenbosch half way through the trip to buy a roof box for the car(so now we are totally kitted out for road trips) Staying at the beautiful Tierkloof Mountain Cottages was definitely a highlight of the trip. I absolutely love the karoo, Its a bit far from Pretoria, so when we get the opportunity to go to that area I make sure that we spend a good few days there. We also recently stayed at Langkloof farm in the Waterberg, a most relaxing beautiful farm stay. What a beautiful understated area of our country. Just to name a few. On the last day of each place we stay I like to always take a family photo. I will add a few of these for reference. (Family Photo_02 is the most recent for height reference) We always / almost always pose in the same way, my husband(Stefan) in the middle, holding our youngest, Jean-Luc(4) and the our oldest, Jess(15) and I stand on either side of them. The youngest, Jean-Luc is almost always pulling a silly face or doesn’t want to participate in the photos, he is just at that stage so I’m adding some extra photos of him when he actually smiles. Also the two boys have grown a lot in the last 2 years so I’ve tried to only add the latest photos of them. The boys(The 3 of them) love PlayStation games like mine craft and star wars and all things Lego. I’m thinking a landscape/remote road trip scene with your take on these family photos and some fun star wars/mine craft/ Lego elements. Have some fun with it. Regarding the title, can we communicate on that again? I’m thinking either just everyone’s names or something fun like : “‘Family photo time”‘ or “‘Jem and the boys”‘? But I’m not 100% sure so suggestions also welcome. Regarding an Instagram post. You are more than welcome to post it to Instagram, just without all my person details and info. If you do choose to, please do so after 12 September as this is birthday present for my husband. I hope this is enough info but please let me know if there is anything missing or if you are unsure of anything.

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